The Find Research


The Find has provided valuable insights for organizations in these key industries, as some of our research examples illustrate. Expertise in these industries translates to a more robust understanding of your market and where to move forward based on this knowledge. Clients also ask us to benchmark their internal organizational structures against others, understand the motivations of their audiences and employees, rate the satisfaction of their members’ experience, and help retailers improve category management and market performance. A sample of research areas are listed by industry. Contact us for your specific need. 


Category management 
Planogram consistency 
Retail data analysis 

Consumer Goods

Shopper insights
Category management
Brand awareness

Financial Services

Current and future issues 
Team structure benchmark 


Member experience
Member satisfaction
Event experience


Student motivations
Student perceptions
Recruiting best practices


Organizational benchmarks
Planogram compliance
Category management


Adherence scores
Supply chain analysis
Competitor insights and opportunities