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Our industry-leading benchmarking surveys offer corporate leaders an understanding of how their companies perform in the context of today’s leading practices. 

Team Structure Benchmark Study:

The goal of this benchmark was to ultimately help leaders in their field determine what opportunities exist to improve the current structure of their teams and identify new investments that can move the needle for their business. These findings helped guide recommendations for any necessary changes to team structures, or sell additional capacity internally, where applicable. 

Source: The Find – General/Study info graphics/Tables 

Counts refer to average total number of full-time employees.

< $1B $1-10B $10B +
Total Dept 1 4-5 16-18 ~65
Analyst 1-2 6-7 20
Manager 2 8 35
DIrector 1 2-3 10
Total Dept 2 3-4 4-5 11-12
Analyst 2-3 0-1 3
Manager 1 3 6-7
DIrector 0-1 1 2

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Most important influences on choosing an employer:

Most importan influences on choosing an employer chart

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Motivation Surveys

Curious as to why your buyers act the way they do? Our motivation surveys get at the heart of business decision making. 

Student Employment Motivation:

Surveyed students across 8 universities on what positions are most in demand, what factors are most important when choosing a job, and how universities can help serve students better entering the workforce. 

Best Practice in College Recruiting Today:

Establish university partnerships to better recruit students:

  • Work with universities to shape curriculum to meet your needs
  • Require a list of high potential candidates and secure faculty input, before your schedule career day visits
  • Learn university recruiting cycles and your competition
    • If none exists ask university partners to create prescribed job offer and acceptance cycles
  • Participate in classroom to raise student awareness and your visibility to the best student talent

Member Experience Surveys

For businesses that run on renewals and retention, pulsing members at least annually to gauge satisfaction and desired content/services is essential. 

CMA/SIMA surveys members annually on where they can improve in providing best-in-class category management and shopper insights content, networking, and events. Gaged satisfaction with current membership offerings and service levels to know what to focus on in coming year.  

"Without The Find our content would be driven by the handful of members that are most involved in the association. The ability to survey our entire membership with key questions on webinars, training, and events has made our offering so much richer, and allowed our membership to grow."
Jackie Lewis
VP of Content & Engagement, ARC

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How did the CMA|SIMA's offerings in 2020 compare to your expectations?


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Retail Data Analysis

Our proprietary data analysis methodology provides corporate leaders with insights into best practices within their organization. 

Retail Planogram Research:

Leveraged SKU-level datasets from auto-part manufacturer and retailer to identify best performing planograms for selected markets. Partnered with manufacturer to deliver presentation to retailer, which led to manufacturer being awarded category captaincy.