The Find Research

Services & Process


We specialize in conducting quantitative research with the most granular skip and display logic to collect information that can be defined numerically.

We start with the question you are trying to answer, and create a path that allows respondents to report accurately and unbiasedly, versus following a path that suits us.

Our practitioners are well versed in Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Forsta, and other survey design and panel sourcing companies. We’ll use which is best for your specific project.

The audience: You define your targets at the most granular level. We can use your house list or source one independently, or most often, marry the two for larger reach.

We do the leg work – coding and testing the survey, enticing targets to respond, and leaving time to populate the survey and/or conduct interviews to form a comprehensive unbiased answer to your initial question.


Our team will supplement your quantitative survey needs with qualitative research in the form of focus groups, interviews, and open ended survey questions to deliver insights that can’t be summed up in numbers. These frequently take place at the start of a project, to advise on questions to be asked, or at the end to provide anecdotal support for research findings. 

Or you may not have a large enough target audience to get quantitative data. Given your market’s complexity, you might need in-depth, smaller discussions to get to the bottom of certain behaviors or perceptions.

Data Analysis

Our practitioners are well versed in a variety of business, data and statistical data analysis methodologies including machine learning, R, MatLab, and python. We’ll use which is best for your specific project.

We do the leg work – collecting, organizing, and cleaning the data and determining how to use it independently to answer your ultimate question, or as a supplement to other survey and interview work being conducted.

After the data is analyzed we help create interactive reports and configurable dashboards to ensure the findings are used to create value for your team going forward. These findings enable smart decision making, improved performance and enhanced operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction in the longer term.